My work can always be seen at my workshop/showroom/studio
in Newtown, Sydney. To make an appointment
please email me directly on sophie@zebramosaic.com.au
“My mosaic art is not only coordinating colours, textures and rhythms. It is bringing together broken pieces and lost, rejected objects to find
a new harmony. It is appreciating them all over again and reinventing a new life.”

Commission work to your own
vision and need inspired by your
home environment.

A mosaiced feature wall can be a stunning addition to your environment. When you are renovating your house, personalize the front of your bathtub, kitchen splashback or garden wall.

Give a second chance to some neglected objects, some chipped beloved plates, transforming them into some tableaux again. A rusty disused piece of furniture can be offered a new life with a freshly mosaiced top.

Price is dependant upon size, materials complexity of design and installation.

Contact Sophie by email