To visit a few friendly fellow artists that I admire:
Ceramist/Editor Vicki Grima
Painter  Ruth Law 
Photographer Gary Steer 
Artist/Graphist Jess Winch 
Artist/Teacher Tim Winters 
Lovely shop Stefanie 
Here are my favourite tiles and smalti suppliers:
Contact Robyn
Contact David
Contact Anna
For some wonderfully special places to stay:
■ Paris, France – contact Nicole at
This artist loft belongs to my mother and
me and is for rent. It is an ideal space for
an artistic sojourn in the centre of Paris.
For short periods, rent this 19th Century painter’s loft. Work on your own creativity, while surrounded by some of the best museums in the world.
■ Stuart Town, Outback NSW – contact Jessie at
This ancient one horse town General Store Studio is open to applications from visual artists, writers, sculptors, illustrators, musicians, teachers, arts administrators or anyone with an interest in the arts.
■ Bawley Point, South Coast NSW – contact Garry at
A real beach house. Nothing between
you and the beach. Family home to rent
for weekends & holidays.
Download PDF here.
■ Apollo Bay, South Coast Victoria – contact Mark at
■ A secluded garden retreat by the forest, close to the sea. Where you will be able to enjoy a large commissioned Zebra Mosaic next to the entrance door.
To adopt a ‘second hand’ little dog:
Contact Ronda

That is where we found Coclico.
She was 3 or 4 years old then
and the best little dog ever.